Smartwatches: Are Samsung, Sony and Pebble Doing It Wrong?


A smartwatch that can run apps is awesome. One that can connect to the cloud, and ultimately my media/content, great! A second screen and speakerphone for my cell phone, I’m all for it – though I rarely use speakerphone as I detest people who do this in public waiting in line at the bank, etc. We don’t all need to hear your conversation sir/ma’am!!!

All of those features are fun, but for the most part, novel. Forget the ecosystem, I want my smartwatch to be connected and aware of a MEcosystem moreso than any app or music collection.

“What is a MEcosystem,” you ask? I go into detail about MEcosystems and the future of wearable electronics in a recent post I wrote for FOX11 in Los Angeles:

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Tshaka Armstrong

Tshaka Armstong is also known as's Tech Ninja. Technologist and reporter, he helps visitors understand how to be safer, smarter users of the internet and their "gadgets." He is active in the community, offline, as the co-founder and President of the non-profit organization, Digital Shepherds whose mission is to "help families cross the digital divide" by helping parents, children and educators navigate the best that the world of technology has to offer while equipping them to appropriately handle the worst.

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