Stop “Passing The Buck.” Be Your Children’s Role Model NOW! 10

I hear far too many men say that they’re raising their sons to be the men they should have been. That they’re somehow going to be vindicated in the “better men” their sons will be.
You have the chance to be that man NOW. Don’t raise your sons to be the man you [...]


How To: Stop The Corners of Your Rug From Curling Up

Last summer, I was looking to spruce up the joint while my wife was away on a business trip and the children were out-of-town visiting grandparents. Ikea is one of my favorite places to go to get ideas and pick up little things here and there. You know, accessories and such. Which brings me to [...]

#FatherhoodFriday: #YesAllWomen Are Someone’s Daughter 19

I’m seeing so many men tiptoe around or avoid the topics around the #yesallwomen movement and I thought that something needed to be said. I’ve seen women say that men should only be listening and not speaking. Well, they’re half right, we should be listening twice as much as we speak, but we absolutely should [...]

No Mas! Sugar Ray Leonard And The Boxing Party 10

“No mas!” I remember watching one of the greatest exhibitions of boxing skill of my time, live. I remember the tradition of the “boxing party.” My dad would have a house full of folks over for these huge boxing matches and, what a party it was!
Even as a child, I was around 10 or 11, [...]

Content Marketing And Why Media Outlets Are #DoingItWrong 1

For some time in the news business, we’ve been producing these quick, minute and  half or shorter stories (for many reasons) but time and again, we’re reminded that it is the deep dive that draws people in.
Let’s face it, good stories take time to tell and when they’re really good, they don’t feel long at [...]


Beard Care: The Pirate Beard Balm From Whiskey, Ink and Lace

Hanging around Google+ you come across all manner of interesting ideas and conversation. Some time ago, floating through my stream there, Whiskey, Ink and Lace caught my attention, then their fun product names and delightful scent descriptions piqued my interest and I knew that at some point I had to try something they carried, but [...]