First Impressions: Dell’s Chromebook 13

This post is all about Dell’s Chromebook 13. I have it in my hands and I’m working with it over the next few weeks to see what it’s all about and if it may be the right Chromebook for you!


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Show Me Your “Shelfie!!”

Ok, so I just learned a new term, “Shelfie.” No, it has nothing to do with those obnoxious photos we’re all taking and sharing en mass. This isn’t some new planking, selfie hybrid that you do on an industrial shelf at a warehouse store like Costco - wait, that may be a good… nah! Shelfies…

24 Hours With The Huawei Watch

These are my first impressions after a couple of days with the Huawei watch running Android Wear. Specifically, I'm focusing on the first 24 hours with Huawei's new timepiece. There will definitely be more to come over on, so stay tuned and look for my full review. From 100%, it took approximately 26 hours…

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Early Thoughts Alcatel OneTouch Idol 3 2

It used to be that a $250 Android was a marvel if it was actually a quality phone but there are a handful on the market now the have turned that notion on its head. Case in point: +Alcatel OneTouch IDOL 3. 5 days in, with the 5.5" model, and I can't find any glaring…

Family Life: Using Documentaries To Get Ready To Go Back To School 2

I really enjoy the writing prompts that we’re offered through the Netflix Stream Team program that I’m a part of because they force me to be creative and think outside the box. Being only suggested ideas, we’re free to write about whatever moves us, but I really like trying to take what we’re given and…


The Los Angeles Verizon Wireless Experience Store

When many companies put out experience pop-up shops, or stores, the “experience” can be underwhelming. You’re greeted with the promise of being able to have a unique look at their products and services, one-on-one attention from in-house pros, or access to an expanded line of products. Sure, you’ll be greeted by flashy signage and branded…

7 Ways Training Dragons And Fatherhood Are The Same Thing

Training Dragons And Fatherhood Are Basically The Same Thing Training dragons is pretty serious business. They run the gambit of personality styles. Some are wild, some laid back, some gassy, some cooperative and some rebellious. While watching the How To Train Your Dragon movies and now the new Netflix Series Dragons Race To The Edge,…


Linksys EA8500: MU-MIMO Is Must Have Wi-Fi Tech For Modern Families

The Wi-Fi router is, increasingly, one of the most important appliances in the modern home. You may not know it yet, but go with me here for a second. How do you connect to the internet at home? How do you watch Netflix or Hulu? Do your children game online? Are they doing their homework…

Mexico, Canada Rejoice: T-Mobile Announces Mobile Without Borders

T-Mobile just announced the latest move in their Un-Carrier campaign. Big Magenta is extending coverage, calling, texting and 4G LTE data extending to Mexico & Canada at no extra charge in a new campaign called Mobile Without Borders. According to the company, over one-third of all international calls (35%) and over half of all international…


Logitech Steps Into The Future With Logi

Logitech announced today new branding and the addition of a new line to its product offerings. "This brand reflects the company’s reinvention, with a colorful new attitude and a re-imagined logo. You’ll even see a new label for our latest product categories: Logi."    Mostly known for computer peripherals like keyboards, mice and mobile accessories,…