My Saturday At WonderCon

Today was a special day for me because not only did I get to cover WonderCon on business but it became personal as I brought my sons along and it was their first “Con.” It was fun to watch them people watching! My boys, now teens, definitely noticed the flow of, ahem, barely costumed ladies [...]



The International Daddy Daughter Tea Day

In my work, speaking directly to students from elementary up through high school, I get the chance to meet and talk to some young ladies who’ve sent bikini pictures, or worse, to boys in what amounts to a plea to be liked. In some cases, these girls are sending these pictures to their boyfriends as [...]

Sprint’s Spark Network Is Lighting Up Los Angeles

Ask and ye shall receive! Some of the folks who follow me on various social networks have asked about Sprint’s new Spark network which has rolled out to some parts of Los Angeles. Well, I’ve actually been testing the Sprint Spark network around Los Angeles and here are just four results from those tests. When it’s fast, it’s fast! [...]


Screen Shot 2014-02-10 at 12.13.52 PM

Small Business: Priceless Personal Touches

Just wanted to take a second and recognize one of the strengths of a healthy economy… the smaller companies whose customer service and attention to detail can make a big difference in the enjoyment of consumer purchases. I recently came into some Bay Rum Acadian Spice After Shave from Krampert’s Finest and though I’ve used [...]


Fatherhood Friday: My Son. Shaving. It’s Time.

One of the greatest moments, as a dad, in my life has arrived… time to pass on the age-old rite of passage to my son: shaving.
This weekend, my oldest son turns 16 and has been asking about shaving so it’s time. I have an outing to a magical place planned for him. Once there, I [...]

I’m A Butt-Head. You Can Be One Too!

A couple of months ago, I switched to using a double edge razor for shaving my head. The truth is, the cartridge razors I was using worked just fine for me. It was more about the cost proposition of using one razor for the rest of my life (ok, we all know I’ll buy a [...]



First Impressions: LG G Flex, Sony Xperia Z Ultra

Yesterday I got my hands on both the Xperia Z Ultra and LG’s first curved display smartphone and they are both pretty awesome, each in their own right! They’re both pretty large phones with displays measuring 6.6″ and 6″ respectively. I’ve had a moment to collect some thoughts on these devices.
The Z Ultra is a [...]

#FatherhoodFriday: The Product

18 years. That’s how much time I’ve put into product development. I wasn’t the smartest and totally skimped on the R&D prior to manufacture, but with the early build I became a student and devoted hours on end to research and development. The funny thing is that the more mature and stable the product became, the [...]



[VIDEO] Asus Padfone X Announcement At CES 2014

Today at the ATT Dvelopers Summit, the Padfone X was announced though no pricing or availability here. The phone and 9″ docking tablet both sport full HD displays, apparently and the phone will support AT&T’s new LTE standard LTE Advanced. What makes that significant is that it is the VoLTE standard which supports voice over [...]