iOS 8, iPhone 6 Thoughts: Living An Effective Life and Being A Parent 5

I've used an iPhone only during reviews, my daily driver tablet is an iPad but I've never been an iPhone owner. I'm not a "hater," it just didn't work as well for me as Android did. That said…
MY CORE APPS have been updated so they are more deeply connected to Safari and make use of [...]


First Impressions: The Connected Car via Zubie Key 1

#Week1  I'm getting soooo metaaaa!! More quantified self, except this time it's the car. Sorry for the product shot, I forgot to take a pic before installing it in the car.It's Zubie Key. My first go 'round with automotive quantification. I actually installed it Friday, so I've had time to play with it over [...]

First Impressions: Icontrol’s Piper Home Gateway

i-Control's Piper home gateway was set up in about an hour. It was really about 15-20 minutes of actual setup and the rest, me playing with settings. This kit works on Z Wave technology which I'll go into in detail when I write up my review. I'll be looking at more of these in the [...]



Motorola Announces the Hint BT Earpiece, Er, Earbud 9

That is the Netlink Bluespoon AX2. It was out in 2006, I had one and loved it! It really was a solid device, until you dropped it a few times. I even left it in a pair of jeans and washed them… it still worked. It was one of the smallest at the time.I'm excited [...]

Tech Journalists, Stop Complaining About Smartwatch Sizes!! 43

As a watch lover, I have to say it… All you tech reviewers/journalists, stop it with all of the size complaints with the smartwatches!! It's really becoming nauseating.
See that picture below? Those are real watches on the wrists of teens whose wrists aren't gigantic. That's what a real watch looks like. Men's watches, women's watches, [...]

13 - 1


Sony Announces New SmartWatch 3 And SmartBand Talk

Sony was one of the first companies in the smartwatch business back in 2007. You can read my review of the second generation here. Today at IFA in Berlin, Sony announced the SmartWatch 3 and the SmartBand Talk with specs that watch lovers and fitness fanatics alike should be quite happy with.
When I reviewed the [...]

Computer Literacy, Kids And Jennifer Lawrence Nudes Leaked Online

We have connected homes, connected cars, watches that interface with our phones, thermostats which do the same. We can look at our phones almost any time of the day, and via our children’s phones, know exactly where they are, thanks to GPS and smartphones. We have cars you can plug in and never have to [...]

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Sprint Live Pro: The Next Toy I'm Playing With 5

This one could be a very fun travel companion from +Sprint:Small connected projector/Hotspot, powered by Android that accepts HDMI and Miracast connections.Nicely packaged, it comes w/HDMI cables in the box and a case.
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#FATHERHOODFRIDAY  You Are Important Dad

You are important dad. Be involved, be engaged, be present, do it when they're infants, when they're toddlers, never let them be "too old" to sit on dad's lap, or hug dad.
No matter what you're going through today, a divorce, financial trouble, loss, know that you are irreplaceable in your children's lives and [...]

This happened yesterday 6

Whoever was manning (or womaning) the Surface Twitter account at that time is doing it right!
This is the gif they used in their last message: 
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