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There I said it. I actually like to perform, so it was fun to have these pictures taken by the amazing photographer, +Gina Silva. She wanted to do a Sons Of Anarchy type thing and I was game!
I'm going to be using these for headshots to show my serious/intense/darker side so I'd love [...]

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NERDVANA: Getting A Regram From Your Young Adult Child

And, in today’s NERDVANA episode…
So, yesterday this happened where I work:
Los Angeles News | FOX 11 LA KTTV
After the interview, I decided to get a pic with the famous frog:

You know I had to get in on the meme!

#NERDVANA happened when I texted my kids the pic and my eldest asked if she could Instagram [...]

LG G3: That Camera Though! 2

Went on a photowalk recently, compliments of an AT&T Mobile Review. The location was the Santa Monica Pier just before sun down. I took around 100 pictures and whittled them down to the ones I’ve shared here. None of these have been post-processed and are presented to you as they were taken.
The interesting thing is [...]



Surface Pro 3 HD Vid Edit Test Results 2

Told you all that I was going to be putting the Surface Pro 3 to the HD editing test and I have to say it passed with flying colors. There were a couple things I’ll note in my full review as they relate to the differences between how a Mac is set up to make [...]

Stop “Passing The Buck.” Be Your Children’s Role Model NOW! 10

I hear far too many men say that they’re raising their sons to be the men they should have been. That they’re somehow going to be vindicated in the “better men” their sons will be.
You have the chance to be that man NOW. Don’t raise your sons to be the man you [...]

How To: Stop The Corners of Your Rug From Curling Up

Last summer, I was looking to spruce up the joint while my wife was away on a business trip and the children were out-of-town visiting grandparents. Ikea is one of my favorite places to go to get ideas and pick up little things here and there. You know, accessories and such. Which brings me to [...]


#FatherhoodFriday: #YesAllWomen Are Someone’s Daughter 19

I’m seeing so many men tiptoe around or avoid the topics around the #yesallwomen movement and I thought that something needed to be said. I’ve seen women say that men should only be listening and not speaking. Well, they’re half right, we should be listening twice as much as we speak, but we absolutely should [...]