How I Hurt My Wife And How You Can Avoid Doing The Same

It’s time I come clean. My negligence injured my wife and I felt horrible for it.
Back when I first started my journey into wet shaving and was doing all my research on how to properly shave with a straight razor or double edge, I ran across an interesting article on sharps containers and blade disposal. [...]



Father’s Day, Tattoos and Daddy’s Picks

Well, this happened. That’s me and my daughter at a local tattoo shop. She wanted her third and wanted to honor her dad by having one of his favorite sayings from one of his favorite movies placed across her ribs. I’m her dad, and, well, I’m quite honored! To mark the occasion, we actually got [...]

So, I shared a story this morning about how I’ve been using family movie night… 2

So, I shared a story this morning about how I’ve been using family movie night – I call it Daddy’s Picks- to share pieces of my childhood with my children.
You can check that out here:
It occurred to me that there are some very cool nostalgic posters attached to some of those 80′s flicks I’ve [...]

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Daddy’s Picks: Creating Family Traditions Your Kids Won’t Hate!

What makes us who we are? Is it our hair color, our skin color? Is it the neighborhoods we grew up in? Is it our memories, our past experiences? I guess it’s a little bit of all of these things but not all of these things get passed on to our children. What if you want [...]

My Take, Raising A Powerful Daughter

LOVE this article by PBS! My wife and I have done a lot of the things mentioned in this article with our own young adult daughter starting when she was very young.I think that of the things in the list, the most powerful was helping her parse media messages based on our own family values. [...]



Memes, Patriotism and The Truth

This is just a quick post on something I wanted to share because I’ve seen this image floating around lately and, while I don’t agree with the burning of the flag, I would challenge you to consider your perceptions of what flag burning truly is. Perception is often more powerful than truth!

FREE Coding Classes for Kids At Microsoft Stores

Summer’s here and you’re looking for something to get the kids involved in to help pass the time productively! Two problems: summer camp is too expensive, or classes are too costly. What do you do?

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