Sprint Live Pro: The Next Toy I'm Playing With 5

This one could be a very fun travel companion from +Sprint:Small connected projector/Hotspot, powered by Android that accepts HDMI and Miracast connections.Nicely packaged, it comes w/HDMI cables in the box and a case.
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#FATHERHOODFRIDAY  You Are Important Dad

You are important dad. Be involved, be engaged, be present, do it when they're infants, when they're toddlers, never let them be "too old" to sit on dad's lap, or hug dad.
No matter what you're going through today, a divorce, financial trouble, loss, know that you are irreplaceable in your children's lives and [...]

This happened yesterday 6

Whoever was manning (or womaning) the Surface Twitter account at that time is doing it right!
This is the gif they used in their last message: surfac.ms/N7nRFp 
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Samsung just announced their Gear S, curved 3G enabled watch 20

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Here are the specs:2.0” Super AMOLED (360 x 480)Networks: 900/2100 or 850/1900 (3G), 900/1800 or 850/1900 (2G)Bluetooth and WiFiDual core 1.0 GHz, Tizen based wearable platform, 300mAh Li-ion battery.
This is a global announcement, with no specific plans for US launch from what I've read so far. Without seeing it in person, I have to [...]

I’m a ham 10

In album 2014-08-14

There I said it. I actually like to perform, so it was fun to have these pictures taken by the amazing photographer, +Gina Silva. She wanted to do a Sons Of Anarchy type thing and I was game!
I'm going to be using these for headshots to show my serious/intense/darker side so I'd love [...]

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NERDVANA: Getting A Regram From Your Young Adult Child

And, in today’s NERDVANA episode…
So, yesterday this happened where I work:
Los Angeles News | FOX 11 LA KTTV
After the interview, I decided to get a pic with the famous frog:

You know I had to get in on the meme!

#NERDVANA happened when I texted my kids the pic and my eldest asked if she could Instagram [...]

LG G3: That Camera Though! 2

Went on a photowalk recently, compliments of an AT&T Mobile Review. The location was the Santa Monica Pier just before sun down. I took around 100 pictures and whittled them down to the ones I’ve shared here. None of these have been post-processed and are presented to you as they were taken.
The interesting thing is [...]



Surface Pro 3 HD Vid Edit Test Results 2

Told you all that I was going to be putting the Surface Pro 3 to the HD editing test and I have to say it passed with flying colors. There were a couple things I’ll note in my full review as they relate to the differences between how a Mac is set up to make [...]

Stop “Passing The Buck.” Be Your Children’s Role Model NOW! 10

I hear far too many men say that they’re raising their sons to be the men they should have been. That they’re somehow going to be vindicated in the “better men” their sons will be.
You have the chance to be that man NOW. Don’t raise your sons to be the man you [...]