Finally Got The #LGG4 In My Hands 17

Finally got the #LGG4 in my hands. Wow! The manual controls on this camera are noice. Especially now that I actually have a better idea of what I’m doing and looking at after learning DSLRs.
#ExploreLGG4 #t3
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Grace And Frankie: Family Is What You Make It

40 years of marriage. 40 years. And the last 20 have been a lie. That’s the premise of one of Netflix’s latest originals that I really didn’t think would appeal to me much until I decided to give it a watch.



Ross Ulbricht, The Silk Road And The Deep Web

As a tech journalist and digital literacy advocate/activist, I’ve come to the profound realization that most people don’t really understand technology. We buy smartphones and use a quarter of what they may be capable of. How many of us know if the antivirus on our computers is current, or what the notifications from it actually [...]

Moto E: First Impressions 5

First impressions… this is FAST. Period. No needed for a qualifier about price point. +Motorola Mobility​ seems to continue to get it right with budget phones that perform.
Only had it for a few hours, so we'll see how it fares under some casual gaming and other proc intensive tasks. #t3  
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Review: Limefuel BLAST L156X Pro Device Charger

Often, tech is cool for tech’s sake, but it is the gadgets that change our habits and alter our lives for the better that actually have life beyond a few weeks or months of novelty. It is those tech items which become life tools and earn a spot in our daily routines that are the [...]



How To Outlet Shop Like A Boss

Maybe you don’t know this but margins on men’s clothing are pretty high compared to women’s clothing. Go into any mall and you’ll find an abundance of stores dedicated to the fairer sex, with sales galore. Now try to find great deals on mens, or young men’s, clothing and you’ll find your options limited. That’s [...]

Daddy Daughter Tea Day 2015

In my work, speaking directly to students from elementary up through high school, I get the chance to meet and talk to some young ladies who’ve sent bikini pictures, or worse, to boys in what amounts to a plea to be liked. In some cases, these girls are sending these pictures to their boyfriends as [...]



Microsoft Updates Microsoft Health And Microsoft Band

In album 2015-02-23

Here are the details:
Insights  Microsoft Health Web Dashboard: The Microsoft Health web dashboard provides users insights, unique to them. The more users use their Microsoft Band, the more valuable these insights will become. The web dashboard is accessible via any web browser, providing a powerful complement to the Microsoft Health mobile app, which [...]