Microsoft Band and MS Health Get Updated 4

A firmware update and now the ability to control which applications send notifications to your Microsoft Band on Android. A much needed update!
Head into the MS Health app, manage tiles and open up the Notification Center. You'll be able to make your selections there. 
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AT&T Developers Summit

I took some time today to check out the AT&T Developers Summit Keynote to see what new things they would be doing in 2015.

Review: SOL Republic Tracks Air, Bluetooth Headphones Done Right 17

I’m going to get all bloggy on ya’ll for a sec: Quality & Cost… THESE are unequivocally the BEST value in Bluetooth headphones on the market right now! They are the +SOL REPUBLIC Tracks Air and they were made in partnership with +Motorola Mobility. ‘Nuff said.
Full text & video review with photo gallery (with a few macros): [...]



Galaxy Note 4 Big Review 5

It’s big, though no longer the biggest. It’s fast, but there are others just as fast. No matter, it’s still the best phablet money can buy and I’ll tell you why! My review of Samsung’s Galaxy Note 4.
Photo gallery, video samples, camera samples and a video that walks you through some of the top features [...]

1Password Updated With New Features 17

1Password beta Lollipop awesomeness.

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Samsung Galaxy Note 4: A T-Mobile Update and Some Interesting “Bugs” 5

If you have a Pebble or other smartwatch which asks you to turn Accessibility features on AND if you use S Voice (maybe Google Now handsfree, didn’t test that yet), and aren’t getting voice feedback through your bluetooth connection, there’s a problem.
If you go into S Voice and try to turn on voice feedback, you’ll [...]

Parents, It’s Time To Talk: 1 In 4 Adolescents Sexting

A new study published in The Journal of Pediatrics shows that 1 in 4 kids are sexting. What does that mean exactly? 1 in 4 have sent either an explicit text message or sexually explicit picture message. Frankly, we’re just behind the times. I’ve been speaking to children at various schools in the Los Angeles area [...]


This is the Sprint LivePro. HotSpot, Pico Projector, Device Charger.

This is the +Sprint LivePro.It’s an Android device, hotspot and pico projector all-in-one device. We actually shot video of it projecting onto a surface so you can see how good it is! It doesn’t disappoint.
This is my video review, but you can also read the full product review which includes, links to product purchasing and a [...]

Some Quick Thoughts on the iPhone 6 and “Bendgate” 8

Some quick thoughts on the iPhone6 and  bendghazi aka bendgate …

1. I’ve always found sitting with any phone in my front or back pockets for any length of time, uncomfortable. And I’m a fairly decent size guy with large pockets because I generally wear somewhat baggy pants. Matter of fact, I don’t even keep my wallet in my [...]


Thoreau On Solitude: Geek Dad Homework Help 6

So, your son asks you for help understanding a concept in his reading assignment for the evening. What's the reading assignment? Thoreau and an excerpt from "…on Solitude."
Being the outgoing teen he is, the concept of needing, or abiding in solitude is somewhat foreign to him. He had a superficial idea of what solitude was [...]